Completed assignments 1994 to 1999


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Y2K Compliance Reviews - hardware and/or software audits (government statutory bodies and private firms)


Governance Business Development Education/Training

Governance Sector and Microfinance Period Contract


Community Education/Training

Review of the PNG Primary School and Elementary School Education Materials Supply Project

The research assignment aimed to ascertain the effectiveness and relevancy of specific materials supplied to schools by donor agency. Tanorama was required to assist in the development of a questionnaire, and then tasked to administer the survey to over 250 schools throughout PNG. Tanorama engaged and mobilised a team of over 20 data collectors to complete this assignment.


Technology Education/Training

Rural Health Program - Computer procurement, installation and training

Tanorama was engaged by the contract managers to recommend, procure and deliver computer equipment and undertake training of provincial health officers in six provincial centres  in PNG.


Community Education/Training

PNG Tertiary Students on AusAID Scholarships Tracer Study

This Tracer Study aimed to gauge the extent to which the donors Scholarship program has impacted on the professional development of returned PNG graduates. Approximately 40% of the 1100 returned scholarship awardees were surveyed using questionnaires and interviews designed .to assess the impact of the Scholarship program, on their current and future employment, as well as to record and analyse data on their experiences within the scholarship system. Tanorama provided and supported a 9 person PNG Interview Team to conduct the study and report on their findings. Tanorama was also responsible for in country administration of the project, as well as account keeping, procurement, supervision of locally engaged staff and management of logistical arrangements. Tanorama also provided IT and data systems advice to Technical Advisers.


Marketing & Promotion Community

Media Services Period Contract - Provision of Video Production


Law & Order Education/Training

PNG Ombudsman Commission Institutional Strengthening Project

This three year project was designed to strengthen the capacity of Ombusman Commission in the delivery of its functions. As an associate to Tanorama provided a number of advisers and administrators to this project.


Business Development

PNG Advisory Support Facility Project



Web Page Creation for Tourism Promotion Authority of PNG



PNG Australia Targeted Training Project Redesign


Education/Training Community

Vanuatu Training and Scholarships Coordination Unit Project


Health Marketing & Promotion

AIDS Awareness Music Video Clip - PNG


Marketing & Promotion Community

Azzimbah Band Management & Marketing - PNG


Technology Business Development

Information Technology Strategic Plan for Tourism Promotion Authority in PNG

Tanorama prepared an organisational information technology strategic plan covering audit of current equipment, needs analysis of organisation, training requirements of personnel, recommendation of hardware and software, recommendation of training methodology, costing of equipment and upgrades, provision of training, and integration with regional and remote mission offices.


Health Marketing & Promotion

Development and Production of Ten Radio Plays for the National Department of Health - "Mi Man Tru" Campaign


Health Infrastructure

PNG Medical Officers Nurses Allied Health Workers Science Training Project

Tanorama's role in this assignment included the designs and tender specifications for the tendering of A$1 million worth of health infrastructure in three provinces of PNG. Tanorama also arranged all procurement of vehicles, project equipment as well as providing administation and support staff to the project.



Review of the Grass Roots Opportunities for Work (GROW) Project in PNG

Tanorama was contracted by a European NGO Development Agency, that funds projects in PNG, to design and implement a review of the Grow Project. Part of the review involved the design and implementation of a survey in two languages (English and Tok Pisin) of rural communities. Relying on recommendations of the review the agency adjusted GROW Project design, funding and monitoring of to improve its effectiveness.


Health Marketing & Promotion

PNG HIV / Sexual Health Care and Prevention Project

Tanorama provided a social marketing specialist to identify approaches for condom awareness and distribution activities. This included an assessment of risk groups, including prevalent attitudes and sexual practices and the identification of the best marketing strategies and mediums to deliver messages to improve awareness of HIV/AIDS and condom usage.



Review of Volunteer Programs - PNG Field Survey

Tanorama was contracted to undertake the PNG field survey of organisations that employed Australian Volunteers under the auspices of PALMS, AESOP and OSB. 40 organisations located throughout 10 provinces in PNG were surveyed to gain insight into the effectiveness of Australian Volunteer programs.


Business Development Education/Training

Facilitation and organisation of the "PNG Department of Transport and Works, Asian Development Bank and World Bank Financial Management Workshop" and facilitation and organisation of the "PNG National Roads Projects Financial Management Workshop"

Arranged and coordinated a Financial Management workshops which focussed specifically on the financial system used for donor funded infrastructure projects managed by DOTW. Provision of advice and assistance to ensure the better presentation of the workshop by Department of Transport and Works (DOT&W). Review the Financial Management Systems user manual created by DOT&W and advise on ways to improve it and make it more user friendly.

The workshop was designed to: Teach participants how to effectively and efficiently use the systems set up for the financial management of the PNG National Roads Projects, ensuring participants leave with a good understanding of these systems and to give participants the chance to discuss problems they have encountered with the system and to learn methods to overcome these problems.


Education/Training Technology

Production of White Paper on PNG Higher Education Research, Science and Technology



IT Maintenance and Support to SAGRIC Projects in PNG

Tanorama maintained the effective operations of all of SAGRIC’s information technology in PNG by providing advice, procurement, system set-up, maintenance, and data management services to the Projects operating in-country.


Agriculture Marketing & Promotion

PNG Agriculture Quarantine Support Project

A director of Tanorama Australia was the Team Leader on this Project. Tanorama in PNG provided the project administrator who’s role included all in-country procurement, financial management, organisation of training workshops, arrangement of travel for personnel, settling in-coming personnel and other general administrative duties. Tanorama also provided a communications specialist and a graphic designer to help with the marketing aspect of the project.



Indonesia Technical & Vocational Education Project - Supervising Contract



Organisation & Coordination of PNG Population & Housing Census Data Utilisation Workshops

Under contract to UNFPA Tanorama arranged for the conduct and appraisal of 12 provincial workshops and one National Workshop attended by representatives of the National Statistical Office and Provincial Planning offices.

[After UNFPA had arranged a full audit of the workshops, Tanorama was commended on its performance – particularly on its adherence to the schedule and management of workshop finances, evidenced in a successful audit of the project undertaken by Price Waterhouse for UNFPA.]


Education/Training Community

Feasibility/Design Study of Female Participation in Education, Training, & Employment in the Public Sector in PNG

Tanorama provided in-country project management, a PNG member to the consultancy team, and full logistic support to this design study, further ensuring that all objectives were met. The Design Study developed activities and proposed resources for a project that increased opportunities for women in PNG in the Education, Training and Employment sector.



Southern Africa: Education and Training Programs in Africa - Program Review Study


TransportLogo.jpg (1782 bytes) Infrastructure Community

Wabag to Wapenamanda to Highlands Highway Upgrading Project - PNG

Community Development and HRD advisory sub-contract. Tanorama was responsible for managing the community liaison and development component which required advisers to take account of and involve the community in all aspects of the road construction. The HRD adviser worked with the Department of Works to develop the capacity of their training branch and selected personnel.


TransportLogo.jpg (1782 bytes) Infrastructure Community

Mendi to Kisenepoi Highlands Highway Upgrading Project - PNG

Community Development sub-contract. Tanorama was responsible for managing the community liaison and development component which required advisers to take account of and involve the community in all aspects of the road construction.


TransportLogo.jpg (1782 bytes) Infrastructure Community environment

Lae City Roads Upgrading Project (Phase III) - PNG

Community Development sub-contract. Tanorama was responsible for managing the community liaison and development component which required advisers to take account of and involve the community in all aspects of the road construction.

Tanorama also undertook environmental impact assessment of the Didimans Creek catchment area.



Logistic and Consultancy support to CARE Australia Mission in PNG



Cambodia: University of Phnom Penh Development Feasibility/Design Study


Technology Education/Training

Computer Training for PNG National Provident Fund staff



System Analyst Consultancy for PNG IT company


Business Development Technology

Office Administration and System Upgrade Consultancy for PNG Equipment Hire business


Technology Business Development

PNG Immigration and Citizenship Project


Health Business Development

PNG Hospital Management and Operations Improvement Project



India: Australia Training Capacity Building Project Design Review Mission



PNG Higher Education Project


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