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Tanorama is able to offer a range of services, from design, management and implementation of development projects to recruiting and securing specialists and support staff for almost any assignment in our region.

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Project Design

Over the past three decades Tanorama has been involved with the design of several projects in partnership with a range of stakeholders, associates and clients. 


Capacity Building & Institutional Strengthening

Through various assignments, Tanorama has successfully delivered capacity development services to many participants across public, private and NGO sectors.


Monitoring & Evaluation

Tanorama's project staff are skilled in monitoring and evaluation of Projects and Programmes being undertaken across Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific. This has included longitudinal studies, impact assessments, program reviews, participatory community monitoring and base-line assessments. 


Governance & Public Sector Reform

Working within and across government agencies and stakeholders to deliver institutional reforms for service delivery and economic development. 


Awareness & Social Reform

Supporting community based awareness programs and working with Local Level Government and community leaders. 


Workshop, Forum & Village Facilitation

Our Coordinators and Logistics staff work together with specialist Facilitators and Trainers to conduct workshop and forums wherever required.


Research & Data Collection

Since 1994 Tanorama has been engaged in the designing and or implementation of study tools to capture required information in both cross-sectional and longitudinal studies and across specified populations and or samples. Having conducted such research in all regions our network enables engagement of locally sourced assistants as needed.


Policy Development

Our senior advisors and specialists can assist with the development and implementation of policies across private, public and NGO sectors.


Community & Stakeholder Engagement

Our specialist advisors and various community specialists enable awareness and participatory consultations to be facilitated.


CIT & Web Design

We’ve undertaken a range of assignments involving Communication and Information Technologies, from the establishment of hardware, software & training requirements through to development of operational manuals and guides. Tanorama is able to assist with the establishment of accounting systems, operational databases and websites as well as facilitating staff training.

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